Borey Advanced - Lower mounting efficiency of SMT machines



1. On the one hand, the suction nozzle of the SMT machine has insufficient vacuum negative pressure. Before picking up the parts, the suction nozzle automatically switches to the mechanical valve on the mounting head, which converts from blowing air to vacuum adsorption, generating a certain negative pressure. When the parts are picked up and the negative pressure sensor detection value is within a certain range, the machine is normal, and on the other hand, the suction is poor. On the other hand, there is pressure relief in the air supply circuit, such as aging and rupture of the rubber trachea, aging and wear of the sealing components, and wear of the suction nozzle after long-term use. On the other hand, the SMT machine is blocked by the adhesive or dust in the external environment, especially the large amount of waste generated after cutting off the paper woven tape packaging components.

2. The errors in the settings of the SMT machine program can also reduce the efficiency of SMT installation. The solution is for the SMT machine manufacturer to increase training for customers, so that they can get started faster.

3. The quality of electronic components themselves, the suction nozzle picking up electronic components for mounting, and the pins of the SMT machine not fully inserted or directly bent or broken. This situation can only be controlled in terms of the quality of purchased SMT components. This not only affects the efficiency of SMT work and product quality, but also causes varying degrees of damage when the nozzle frequently picks up SMT components. Over time, it will also reduce the lifespan of the nozzle.