Borey Advanced - Differences between Wave soldering and Reflow soldering


Reflow soldering and wave soldering are common process equipment in SMT processing plants. Although both are used for soldering electronic components, there are differences in their working principles, processes, and application purposes. Today, we will talk about the differences between reflow soldering and wave soldering.

Definition of reflow soldering and wave soldering

Reflow soldering

Reflow soldering is the process of soldering electronic components and PCB pads together by melting the solder paste on the high-temperature solder pads, allowing for electrical interconnection between the pins or solder ends of electronic devices and the PCB. Reflow soldering generates high temperature through the circulation of hot air flow in the reflow soldering, which is called reflow soldering. Reflow soldering generally consists of four zones: preheating, constant temperature, heating, and cooling.

Wave soldering

Wave soldering also involves soldering electronic components onto a fixed circuit board, but it involves fixing the electronic component pins in a sticky state of tin through the through-hole. Firstly, the tin or solder strip needs to be melted in a solder paste furnace, and then a climbing ladder trajectory is presented by the conveyor belt. The solder wave designed by the jet design is used to achieve the soldering fixation of the component pins.

Different working principles

Wave soldering is the process of forming solder peaks from molten liquid tin to solder components, while reflow soldering uses high-temperature hot air to form a circulating hot air to reflow and melt the solder to solder components

Different processes

There is no solder paste before the PCB is put into the furnace by wave soldering. The liquid tin is coated on the solder pads that need to be welded through the wave peaks generated by wave soldering to complete the welding; Reflow soldering is the process of printing solder paste on a PCB pad using a solder paste printing machine in advance. When passing through the reflow soldering work area, the solder paste is melted and welded

Different uses

Reflow soldering is suitable for SMT electronic components, while wave soldering is suitable for pin electronic components