Borey Advanced - Detailed Basic Operating Steps for SMT Mounter



1、 Preparation work before installation

Before starting the operation of the SMT mounting machine, we need to carry out pre installation preparation work, including the following:

1.1 Preparation of relevant product process documents

Before SMT mounting, we need to select the appropriate feeder and determine the specifications and types of components based on the mounting details in the product process documents.

1.2 Check the interior of the SMT machine

Before using the SMT mounting machine, it is necessary to check for impurities and foreign objects inside the machine to ensure its cleanliness and normal operation.

1.3 Check the configuration status of Feida and suction nozzle

The Feida and nozzle are the core components of the SMT SMT mounting machine, and it is necessary to check whether their configuration status is normal.

2、 Preparation work for SMT mounting machine startup

Before operating the SMT mounting machine, it is necessary to prepare for startup, including the following:

2.1 Check the air pressure and rated voltage of the SMT machine

Before using the SMT mounting machine, it is necessary to check whether the air pressure and rated voltage of the machine are normal.

2.2 Return to the source point position

Turn on the servo and return all axes of the SMT machine to the source position to ensure the accuracy of machine operation.

2.3 Adjusting the width of the guide rail

According to the width of the PCB, adjust the width of the SMT machine guide rail to ensure that the PCB slides freely on the guide rail, avoiding component dropping and damage.


3、 Online programming of SMT mounting machine

The online programming of SMT mounting machine is the process of manually inputting the picking and mounting program on the machine, with the specific steps as follows:

3.1 Preparation of materials required for online programming

Prepare the materials required for online programming, including SMT machines, PCBs, components, process files, etc.

3.2 Input Pickup Program

The picking program is completely manually programmed and inputted, and the picking program table is inputted based on the specifications of the SMT machine and the position of the components.

3.3 Record the installation position

Use a teaching camera to accurately capture the installation position of each SMT component on the PCB, automatically calculate the center coordinates of the components, and record them in the SMT program table.

3.4 Optimization Program

According to the SMT program table, manually optimize and adjust the program to ensure the accuracy and precision of SMT.

4、 Install SMT SMT SMT feeder

According to the programming program table of the SMT machine, install various components onto the material station of the SMT machine. When installing the feeder, it is necessary to install it according to the requirements and have the inspector inspect it to ensure correctness before trial installation and production can proceed.

Visual images of benchmark marks and components

When performing automatic SMT SMT mounting, the mounting coordinates of the components are calculated based on a certain top corner of the PCB (usually the bottom left or bottom right corner) as the source point. Due to certain processing errors during PCB processing, it is necessary to perform benchmark calibration on the PCB during high-precision mounting. Reference calibration is achieved by designing reference marks on the PCB and calibrating the optical alignment system of the SMT machine. The reference mark is divided into PCB reference mark and local reference mark.