Borey Advanced - The Role of AOI in SMT



As we all know, manual labor is becoming increasingly expensive and personnel management is becoming more and more difficult. Manual visual inspection may also result in missed or incorrect inspections. Therefore, online AOI is gradually replacing manual visual inspection to achieve cost savings, improve production efficiency, reduce misjudgment rates, improve pass through rates, and so on. In modern EMS processing plants, a large number of AOI are gradually replacing manual visual inspection, resulting in faster efficiency.

Advantages of AOI detection equipment
1. Solved the structural inspection problem of micro packaged devices and ensured production quality;
2. Improved the pass through rate of backend testing and reduced maintenance costs;
3. With the development of technology, AOI testing programs are fast and simple, reducing the large amount of testing costs required for production;

Disadvantages of AOI detection equipment
1. In areas where the grayscale or shadows are not very clear, it is more prone to misjudgment,
2.Components covered by other parts and solder joints located under the components are more prone to missed detections