Borey Advanced - Common Faults in PCB Sampling of SMT Mounter



1. Component displacement: After the SMT adhesive is cured, the components shift, and in severe cases, the pins of the components are not on the solder pads.
Reason: Uneven amount of adhesive released from the surface mount adhesive; When mounting, the displacement of components or the initial adhesion force of the mounting adhesive is small; The PCB is left for too long after dispensing, and the glue is semi cured.



2. After peak soldering, chips may fall off: After solidification, the bonding strength of the components is insufficient, and sometimes chips may fall off when touched by hand.
Reason: Insufficient parameters, especially insufficient temperature; The size of the components is too large, resulting in high heat absorption; UV curing lamp aging, insufficient adhesive amount; Components/PCBs are contaminated.




3. After solidification, the pins of the components will float or shift: The adhesive of the cured components will float or shift, and the solder material will enter the solder pad after wave soldering, resulting in short circuits and open circuits.
Reason: Uneven surface mount adhesive, excessive amount of surface mount adhesive, and component displacement during surface mount.