Borey Advanced - Quality inspection of solder joints in SMT surface mount machining


1、 Quality inspection of SMT processed solder joints:

1. The glossiness of the surface layer of the solder joint must meet the production requirements and there must be no defects;

2. The aspect ratio of the components should be moderate, and the appropriate amount of SMT welding material and welding material must completely cover the welding positions of the solder pads and lead wires.

3. It has excellent wettability, and the edges of the welding points should be relatively thin. The recommended wetting angle between the welding material and the surface of the solder pad is below 300 degrees, with a maximum of 600 degrees.



2、 Appearance inspection of SMT processing:

1. There should be no shortage of components;

2. There should be no phenomenon of incorrect component labeling;

3. There should be no short circuit on the circuit board;

4. There should be no defects such as virtual welding or unstable welding.