High-end tote bag printing

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Advertising handbags are designed through visual communication, focusing on the promotion and development of advertising. Through the creativity of graphics, the identification of symbols, the description of words, and the stimulation of colors, they arouse the attention of consumers, thereby generating a sense of intimacy and promoting product sales. The advertising handbag occupies a large part of the handbag and constitutes the main body of the handbag.

This kind of handbag can often be seen in various trade fairs and exhibitions. The handbag is printed with the name of the enterprise, the logo of the enterprise, the name of the main product and some advertising slogans, which virtually plays the role of promoting the image of the enterprise and the image of the product. This is equivalent to a mobile advertisement with a wide range of flow, which can not only meet the requirements of loading, but also have a good advertising effect, therefore, it is a popular form of advertising for manufacturers and economic and trade activities. The more chic this handbag is designed and the more exquisite it is made, the better its advertising effect is. Advertising handbags according to different target positioning, can also be divided into shopping handbags, promotional handbags, brand handbags, VI design promotion handbags.

1. Shopping Tote Bag

Shopping bag advertising can use the limited area of the bag body to spread the market information of enterprises or products and services to the world. When customers carry shopping bags with store advertisements and walk through the streets, it is actually some exquisite handbags that are no less than making an excellent advertising sign, and the cost is relatively low.

Shopping handbags are designed for supermarkets, shopping malls and other places. Supermarkets and shopping malls design special handbags for the convenience of consumers to shop, transport the purchased items home, and connect with the feelings of consumers. This kind of handbag is mostly made of plastic material. Compared with other handbags, the structure and material are relatively solid and can accommodate more items, and the cost is cheap. The visual factors on the shopping handbag are mainly composed of specific publicity forms (standard, mascot, special graphics, special image, etc.) of shopping places, highlighting the image of supermarkets and shopping malls and conveying the information of shopping places.

2. Promotional handbag

Promotional handbags are mainly used in promotional activities to promote goods and enterprises. In order to promote its image and promote the sale of goods, enterprises often hold a series of activities. Use handbags to print the company's introduction book, product instructions, and perhaps the product (a little gift), which is given to guests or consumers so that consumers can fully understand the situation of the company and the performance of the product. A promotional tote bag is entirely an activity board that can hold items. The visual design of its surface is all around the purpose of publicizing and highlighting the contents of enterprises and commodities, so that consumers will be happy to accept the information transmitted in the activities quickly.

3. Brand handbag

In order to improve the quality of goods, create higher value, brand building products, brand handbags are used in this shaping activity. Brand handbags are used more in specialty stores, which is not only convenient for customers to carry goods but also plays a publicity role. The materials of such handbags are relatively high-grade and match the quality of goods.