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China began to have a calendar about four thousand years ago. According to a page of oracle bone calendar in oracle bone inscriptions, it is proved that the calendar of Yin Dynasty has a considerable level. This page of oracle bone calendar is the oldest almanac of all mankind, and this page of oracle bone calendar is also called calendar.

Tang poetry: "There is no calendar day in the mountains, and the cold does not know the year." The "calendar day" may be the earliest calendar. In the Tang Dynasty, the historian cut the paper on a daily basis and bound it into a book, one book per month. The month and date are written on each page, leaving a blank space for the eunuchs to record the emperor's words and deeds. This is the "calendar day".

At the end of the month, the "calendar day" was first submitted to the emperor for review, and then archived by the historian for the compilation of "national history. Because it has the function of keeping time and discussing events, civil and military officials are competing to imitate it.

early development

According to historical records, calendars were already in use in the palace about 1100 years ago in the Yongzhen year of Tang Shunzong. The calendar at that time, also known as the imperial calendar, not only recorded the date, but also was an important material for compiling the history of the country. At that time, the calendar was somewhat similar to that of the emperor. The year was divided into 12 volumes, and the number of pages of each volume was determined according to the number of days in each month. The month and date were written on each page, and then the eunuch sent the emperor's words and deeds to the emperor for approval at the end of each month, major events in various regions of the country are combined, refined, polished and recorded, and become national history.

Later, because the calendar brought a lot of convenience to life, it gradually entered the families of many high officials in the DPRK, and after some changes, it was compiled into their own calendars. Later, with the development of the calendar to popularization and family, people also put the monthly orders on the calendar. Solar terms and auspicious days are printed on the calendar, leaving a large blank for recording.

As for the calendar and later developed into a calendar, calendar and other forms, only nearly a century. The style of the desk calendar has changed from the initial simple style to many variants. In recent years, the market economy and the popularization and development of the Internet have driven the exchanges between different cultures. Of course, the desk calendar is also among them. The most common is that the desk calendar has tended to Be smaller and more refined.