What should be noted during the production process of Borey Advanced SMT SMT SMT mounting machine


1. Equipment preparation: Before production begins, a comprehensive inspection of the equipment should be conducted, including mechanical, electrical, and control systems, to ensure that the equipment is in good condition. Prepare the necessary parts, strips, and tools for production to ensure smooth operation during the production process.

2. Program selection: Select the appropriate mounting program based on the production plan and product requirements, and confirm that the program has been correctly loaded into the equipment.

3. Production operation: Before starting production, perform a single step execution or simulation operation to check the correctness of the program and the installation effect. After confirming the accuracy, start the formal production operation. During the operation process, closely monitor the operation status and installation effect of the equipment, and promptly adjust or handle any problems that arise.

4. Quality control: During the production process, regular quality inspections should be conducted, including the placement position, angle, accuracy, and appearance of components. If quality issues are found, the program should be adjusted or modified in a timely manner to ensure that the product quality meets the requirements.

5. Production records: Record relevant production data and information, including production time, output, quality issues, and handling measures. These data can be used for production management and quality control, helping to improve production efficiency and product quality.

6. Equipment maintenance: During the production process, regular equipment maintenance and upkeep should be carried out, including cleaning dust, replacing consumables, inspecting mechanical components, etc. At the same time, pay attention to the operating status and abnormal situations of the equipment, and promptly handle or report any problems that arise.