Borey Advanced - Improving the Production Efficiency of SMT Mounters



1. SMT mounting program processing SMT mounting machine production line consists of multiple equipment, including solder paste printing machine, mounting machine, reflow soldering, etc., but in reality, the speed of the production line is determined by the mounting machine.
A. Load distribution balance. Reasonably allocate the number of mounting components for each SMT device, and strive to ensure that the mounting time for each device is equal.
B. SMT device optimization. Optimizing the CNC program of each device is to ensure that the SMT machine meets these conditions as much as possible during the production process, thereby achieving the highest speed of installation and reducing the installation time of the equipment.

2. Eliminating bottleneck phenomenon: The SMT SMT placement machine production line is composed of multiple automated equipment. When the speed of one equipment is slower than other equipment, this equipment will become a bottleneck that restricts the speed improvement of the entire SMT production line. Generally, bottlenecks often occur on SMT machines, and to eliminate them, the only way is to increase the number of SMT machines.

3. Implement strict and effective management measures. SMT equipment is a precision equipment with mechatronics integration. Implementing strict and effective management measures in work is an important way to improve the efficiency of SMT SMT production lines.