How to optimize the speed of Borey Advanced SMT mounting machine


1、 Optimization of CNC programs for various devices of SMT mounting machines
The optimization of the CNC program for each device of the SMT SMT mounting machine is to ensure that the machine meets these conditions as much as possible during the production process, thereby achieving high-speed mounting and reducing equipment mounting time.

2、 Optimize the application software of SMT mounting machine
Optimizing the SMT mounting machine application software can be used for load distribution and equipment optimization. Optimization software includes equipment optimization programs and production line balancing software. The optimization program of the device mainly focuses on optimizing the configuration and feeding of the installation program. After obtaining the component BOM table and CAD data, the mounting program and feeder configuration table can be generated. The optimization program will optimize the movement path of the machine head and the configuration of the feeder, minimizing the movement distance of the machine head and saving time.