Borey Advanced -19th EM Innovation Award


The 19th EM Innovation Award ceremony was held on March 21, 2024 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, and a total of 16 awards were presented. Nearly 60 industry guests from industry associations, organizations, and suppliers attended the award ceremony.


The award-winning products of this innovation award come from various electronic manufacturing related products, materials, software, and devices that were launched or released from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023.
Since its establishment in 2006, the EM Innovation Award has always adhered to strict standards, recognizing suppliers who have made outstanding contributions to promoting the development and innovation of the electronic manufacturing industry.

Presenting guests:
Zhu Jian | Senior Vice President of SMTA China
Sun Lei | Dean of ZTE Electronic Manufacturing Vocational College
Qiu Huasheng | President of Shenzhen Terminal Electronics Manufacturing Industry Association and Vice Chairman of SMT Special Committee of Jiangsu Electronics Society
Su Xingju | Secretary General of SMT/MPT Special Committee of Sichuan Electronics Society
Xu Xinjia | General Manager of Munich Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch
Fu Kun | EM Publisher of Made in China Electronics

Unique SMCS system: using spatial position pheromone method, chessboard algorithm, neural network algorithm, etc., combined with AI artificial intelligence, this system starts with precision training for each calibration installation, in order to obtain the mutual accuracy between devices X-Y-Z-R-C, and updates it in real-time to compensation data to ensure the repeated accuracy of the equipment. When there is a deviation in accuracy, this system will automatically adjust. If the process control ability cannot be improved after multiple adjustments, an alarm program will be launched to accurately prompt the abnormal problem points of the equipment, providing data support for fault analysis; At the same time, regular maintenance suggestions will be provided for the hardware of the equipment. The intervention of this system is completely automatic, ensuring the long-term and stable operation of the equipment without the need for human intervention or with minimal human intervention.