Information confirmation and steps for programming the Borey Advanced SMT SMT mounting machine



SMT mounting machine programming requires confirmation of information

1. Basic information of PCB board, including its length, width, and thickness.

2. Basic information of marking points, coordinate parameters of optical marking points on the PCB board.

3. PCB board assembly information, how many connected boards are the PCB board.

4. SMT placement information, including placement number, coordinates, angles, etc. The customer will provide corresponding BOM lists, placement maps, samples, etc.

Programming steps for SMT chip mounting machine

There are two stages in SMT machine programming, one is offline preparation, and the second is online debugging. The specific details of each factory vary depending on their SMT machine model and management mode.

1、 Offline preparation is as follows:

Firstly, prepare the BOM provided by the customer. Programming needs to be completed on a computer, so it is best to provide electronic files, usually in Excel format.

2. Extract coordinates.

Choose the corresponding operation method based on the files provided by the customer:

(1) If the customer sends the coordinates of the exported Excel or TXT document, they can directly use programming software to merge the coordinates with the BOM table.

(2) If the customer has already sent the PCB file, we need to export the coordinates ourselves. Usually, we can use protel99 or PADS2007 to export in Excel format.

(3) The customer only provided a bill of materials, but cannot provide coordinates. In this case, the scanner needs to save the production point in CAD format after scanning the PCB, and then synthesize the coordinates and BOM.

3. Check if there are any omissions or repositioning after BOM and coordinate synthesis. If so, the engineering department should contact the customer for confirmation.

In these three steps, offline programming has been roughly completed.

2、 Online debugging:

1. Import the programmed program into the SMT mounting machine device.

2. Find the origin and mark it.

3. Gradually correct the coordinate tag numbers.

4. Optimize the save process, and then recheck the component orientation and data.

5. Start the machine and confirm the first article.