Borey Advanced - Development Trends of SMT Mounters in 2024


SMT mounting machine is an automated production equipment mainly used for PCB board mounting. With technological progress and changes in market demand, the development of SMT mounting machines is also constantly evolving. The following are the possible development trends of SMT mounting machines in 2024:

1. Efficient bidirectional transportation structure: The new SMT surface mount machine will develop towards an efficient bidirectional conveyor structure to improve production efficiency and reduce working time faster. This structure can design the transportation, positioning, detection, and repair of PCBs into a two way structure while retaining the performance of traditional single path SMT machines, thereby reducing effective working time and improving machine productivity.

2. High speed, precision, and versatility: With the continuous development of surface mount components, the requirements for new packaging such as BGA, FC, CSP, etc. are becoming increasingly high. The new type of SMT machine will develop towards high speed, high precision, and multifunctionality to meet the market's demand for high precision, high efficiency, and high reliability.

3. Multiple cantilevers: Traditional arch pasting machines only include one cantilever and a sticker, which cannot meet the requirements of modern production efficiency. In the future, multi cantilever machine tools will gradually replace turret machine tools and become the mainstream trend in the development of the high-speed chip market. This structure can improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and meet the market demand for various component mounting.

4. Flexible connection and modularization: The module machine has different functions and can be installed with different precision and placement efficiency according to the installation requirements of different components. The modular structure of this machine can add different types of installation units according to future needs to meet flexible production needs. In addition, flexible connection technology can also improve the adaptability and flexibility of SMT machines, making them better suited to different production environments and needs.

5. Automatic programming: The new visualization software tool has an automatic "learning" function. Users only need to bring the device to the visual camera to take photos, and the system will automatically generate a comprehensive description similar to CAD. This technology can improve the accuracy of device descriptions and reduce operator errors, thereby improving production efficiency and product quality.

6. Integration of Semiconductor Packaging and SMT: With the increasing miniaturization of electronic products, diversification of functions, and precision of components, the integration of semiconductor packaging and surface mount technology has become a trend. In the future, SMT mounting machines will be more integrated into semiconductor packaging technology to meet the market's demand for high integration, high reliability, and high-performance electronic products.

In summary, the development trend of SMT mounting machines in 2024 will mainly be reflected in efficient bidirectional transportation structures, high-speed, high-precision, multifunctional, multi cantilever, flexible connection modularization, automatic programming, and the integration of semiconductor packaging and SMT. These trends will drive the continuous innovation and development of SMT mounting machine technology, bringing more opportunities and challenges to the electronic manufacturing industry.