Borey Advanced - Key points for maintenance and upkeep of SMT mounting machines


As the most core equipment in SMT surface mount processing technology, SMT surface mount machine belongs to precision production and highly automated equipment. Therefore, the cleaning and maintenance of SMT surface mount machine equipment must be carried out on time and on time to avoid irreparable losses.

1: Cleaning and cleaning circuit boards and SMT SMT mounting equipment should be carried out before the machine is mounted, otherwise dust and dirt may cause the internal heat dissipation of the machine to be abnormal, and electrical appliances may overheat and burn out.

2: It is necessary to dismantle and clean components such as the air circuit, solenoid valve, vacuum generator, cylinder, etc. in a timely manner. If the oil scale in the air circuit cannot be cleaned in a timely manner, it will cause blockage and blockage of the air circuit, resulting in high material throwing. In severe cases, accumulated oil stains can cause corrosion to internal sealing rings and components such as solenoid valves, vacuum generators, cylinders, etc., thereby affecting components and even damaging them, seriously affecting the normal operation of the machine;

3: The moving part of the SMT mounting machine should be regularly cleaned and lubricated. If the environment is not properly controlled during long-term operation of the machine, the moving parts such as the screw, slider, transmission belt, guide rail, motor coupling, etc. will be covered with a lot of dust. If the moving parts of the machine are not maintained and cleaned in a timely manner, the machine will work under overload for a long time, directly affecting the service life of the machine.

4: If the SMT SMT SMT equipment has expired its warranty period and cannot be repaired as a whole, there may be hidden dangers such as long-term operation, wear of machine circuits and cable racks, loosening of motor and screw fixing screws, poor operation of certain mechanical parts, and incorrect parameter settings. If hidden dangers cannot be solved in a timely manner, it will seriously affect the normal production of the machine in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out overall maintenance of the machine, conduct timely inspections, discover and solve internal problems of the machine, thereby reducing the frequency of machine failures and improving its production efficiency;

5: Due to long-term operation, the SMT mounting machine equipment has experienced wear, deformation, aging, and minor deviations in the running in of various parts. The original parameters are no longer suitable for the current situation of the machine, and the installation accuracy of the equipment has been seriously affected. Therefore, it is necessary to calibrate the equipment regularly. Only by producing the equipment in a high-precision state can the quality of the product be improved.

6: Major maintenance of SMT SMT equipment can reduce material throwing rate, save resources, reduce alarm frequency, shorten time, improve machine production efficiency, and enhance production quality.

7: Thoroughly clean the dust and scale generated on the surface of the machine and the electrical board to prevent dust and oil from entering the internal parts of the machine. Of course, the main purpose is to prevent electrical appliances from overheating and causing damage.

8: For internal gas circuits, solenoid valves, and vacuum generating devices, they must be thoroughly disassembled and cleaned to prevent blockage of electrical appliances due to scale buildup. Of course, vacuum generating devices and cylinders are all part of the same unit, so they can easily cause component damage together.

9: Daily inspection

(1) Before turning on the power of the mounting machine, check the following items:

① Temperature and humidity: The temperature is between 20 ℃ and 26 ℃, and the humidity is between 45% and 70%.

② Indoor environment: requires clean air and no corrosive gases.

③ Ensure that there are no debris on the transmission guide rail or within the range of movement of the mounting head.

④ Check if there are no debris on the fixed camera and if the lens is clean.

⑤ Make sure there are no debris around the nozzle compartment.

⑥ Check if the suction nozzle is dirty, deformed, and clean or replace it.

⑦ Check if the ribbon feeder is correctly placed in the material station and ensure that there are no debris on the station

⑧ Check the connection of air connectors, air hoses, etc.

(2) After turning on the power of the mounting machine, check the following items:

If the situation or operation of the mounting machine is abnormal, an error message prompt will be displayed on the display.

① After starting the system, check if the display of the menu screen is normal.

② After pressing the "Servo" switch, the indicator light should light up. Otherwise, shut down and restart before turning it on again.

③ Can the emergency switch work properly.

④ Check if the mounting head can return to the starting point (source point) correctly.

⑤ Check for any abnormal noise when the mounting head is moving.

⑥ Check if the negative pressure of all mounting head suction nozzles is within the range.

⑦ Check if the PCB runs smoothly on the guide rail for transmission. Check if the sensor is sensitive.

⑧ Check if the edge positioning and needle positioning are correct.