Borey Advanced - Technical Components of SMT Mounter


SMT machine is a highly skilled equipment in electronic assembly equipment, involving various disciplines such as mechanics, optics, electronics, materials, mechanics, automation, and computer science, including material forming and processing, mechanical transmission, electric motors and servo drives, laser, visual imaging, pneumatic, sensor, automatic control, and computer software/hardware. It is one of the main indicators of the development level of electronic production equipment.

Since its inception, SMT machines have continuously updated their skills, enhanced their functions, improved their performance indicators, and improved their automation and intelligence levels, adapting to the development trend of miniaturization, multifunctionality, and low cost in electronic information products.

With the trend of diversification and personalization of electronic products, electronic components are becoming increasingly miniaturized, with more and more pins and finer spacing. The mounting positions are becoming increasingly tight, and the high precision, speed, and flexibility of SMT machines are constantly developing. Despite the dazzling variety and variety of SMT machines, their fundamental functions and working principles have not fundamentally changed, and the fundamental composition and skill principles of each SMT machine are consistent.

With the development of the electronic industry, electronic components have become increasingly refined and diversified. Nowadays, chip components have evolved from 0402 (metric system is 1005) to 0201 (metric system is 0603) and 01005 (metric system is 0402). In addition, a large number of components with packaging methods such as BGA, CSP/BGA, FC, and MCM have emerged and been widely promoted. Objectively, higher requirements have been put forward for SMT equipment, and the requirements for assembly power are also increasing. As the main equipment for electronic assembly, the SMT machine must follow the trend of electronic industry development to become increasingly refined and high-speed. The SMT machine is a key equipment in the assembly production line of integrated circuit boards (PCBs). It can quickly and accurately attach components (such as SMT capacitors, SMT resistors, and SMT chips) to designated positions on the integrated circuit board, and conduct quality inspection and identification of the components before SMT. The SMT machine is a highly automated equipment that integrates fine machinery, automatic control, and computer systems. It mainly consists of a rack and transmission system, a computer and hardware control system, a servo and drive system, as well as a software system and a feeding system.

The SMT machine is actually a sophisticated industrial robot, a combination of machine, electro-optic, and computer control skills.