Borey Advanced - The difference between medium speed SMT mounting machines and high-speed mounting machines


The basic principle of SMT machines is the same, all of which are achieved through basic steps such as PCB board copying, PCB positioning point positioning, component suction, and identification of material tilt by mounting lenses to achieve component mounting. According to different market requirements, SMT machines can be classified according to speed into medium and low speed SMT machines, high-speed SMT machines, and ultra high speed SMT machines

1、 Explanation of the speed of the SMT machine

1. Medium and low-speed SMT machine

The theoretical mounting speed of medium and low speed SMT machines is below 30000 pieces per hour (for chip components).

Medium and low-speed SMT machines are commonly referred to as medium speed SMT machines, also known as mid-range SMT machines. Most medium speed SMT machines adopt an arched structure, which is relatively simple in structure, with poor installation accuracy, small footprint, and low environmental requirements. Cost savings are generally considered in design and manufacturing, striving to meet the needs of general consumer electronics manufacturing, general industrial and commercial electronic equipment manufacturing, and achieving a balance between mounting capacity and cost. Due to the above reasons, medium speed SMT machines are widely used in some small and medium-sized electronic production and processing enterprises, research and development design centers, and production enterprises with multiple varieties and small batches of products.

In the early development of surface mount technology, mounting machines with a mounting speed of over 14000 pieces per hour could be called high-speed mounting machines, such as CP2 and TCMV800 machines. With the development of surface mount technology and automation technology, the speed and accuracy of SMT machines are also increasing, and the classification standards for high-speed SMT machines have also been improved. The theoretical speed of the medium speed SMT machine, which is now widely recognized by people. Some SMT machines are mainly used for mounting large components, high-precision components, and special-shaped components, as well as for mounting small chip shaped components. This type of SMT machine belongs to the category of multifunctional SMT machines in terms of functionality, but due to their theoretical speed ranging from 3000 to 20000 pieces/h, they are also classified as medium speed SMT machines if classified according to speed.

2. High speed SMT machine

The theoretical mounting speed of a high-speed SMT machine is 30000 to 60000 pieces per hour.

High speed SMT machines are mainly used for mounting small sheet metal components and small integrated components. Some high-speed machines also have the function of mounting small spherical matrix components (BGA). The rotary tower structure commonly used in high-speed SMT machines also adopts a composite structure. In the design of high-speed machines, the main considerations are installation speed and stability, achieving high-speed installation while meeting the accuracy of micro sheet metal component installation. High speed SMT machines are widely used in large electronic manufacturing enterprises and some professional original equipment manufacturing enterprises (OEMs). Like medium speed SMT machines, with the development of science and technology, the speed of high-speed SMT machines is also getting faster, and the speed of high-speed SMT machines has increased from 14000 pieces/h to nearly 60000 pieces/h. The design of the SMT machine also focuses on speed, high installation accuracy, high reliability, multifunctionality, easy operation and maintenance, and the ability to quickly replace products.

3. Ultra high speed SMT machine

The theoretical mounting speed of the ultra high speed SMT machine is higher than 60000 pieces per hour.

Ultra high speed SMT machines are also higher speed SMT machines developed on the basis of high-speed SMT machines. These SMT machines not only install small chips, but also