What are the performance evaluation indicators for Borey Advanced SMT SMT mounting machine?


1、 Installation speed

The installation speed refers to the installation time of each component within a certain range, and the material rack is fixed. Chip devices are currently mounted on high-speed computers at speeds ranging from 0.06 to 0.03 seconds. Multifunctional machines are generally medium speed machines. Is the installation speed of QFP 1? Is the placement speed of chip components 0.3 for 2 seconds? 0.6s. The current multifunctional machine can also reach within 0.2 seconds. If for large-scale SMT mounting, the higher the mounting speed, the higher the delivery rate.

According to the IPC9850 standard (acceptance standard for mounting machines), the mounting speed is expressed in CPH, which is 200mm per hour × The number of parts placed in the 200mm mounting area. Large components (such as chip components and QFPS) are assembled at different speeds. For example, the mounting speed of chip components is greater than or equal to 12000 cph, while the mounting speed of QFP is greater than or equal to 1800 cph.

2、 Installation angle

Is the installation angle generally 0 °? 360 °, with a resolution of 0.1 °? 0.001 °.

3、 Component absorption rate

Component suction rate refers to the ability to accurately pick and place components. Expressed as%, the larger the better. For example, if the suction rate of the component is 99.9%, it is allowed to place and throw less than one component for 1000 components. A lower throwing rate is the key to testing product quality for SMT surface mount processing.

4、 Installation area

The placement area depends on the conveying trajectory of the placement machine and the range of movement of the placement head. Usually, the minimum PCB size is 50 mmx50 mm, and the maximum PCB size should be greater than 250 mmx30 mm. The maximum mounting area for machines from different manufacturers varies. The maximum PCB size of the same type of machine is usually divided into three specifications: large, medium, and small.

For example, the mounting area of the JUKI mounting machine in Japan has the following specifications (in millimeters):

PCB allows length x width=330 × 250~50 × X50:410 × 360~50x50

510x360~50 × X50:510 × 460-50 × fifty