Borey Advanced - Selection of mounting head types for SMT mounting machines




There are many different styles of SMT mounting heads, and we need to choose the appropriate mounting head according to our own needs. We can choose different types of mounting heads based on the materials we use for production mounting. Generally, there are three types: fixed single head, fixed multi head, and rotating multi head. How should we choose? Let's take a look together!

1. Fixed single head SMT mounting machine

Generally speaking, we rarely use single head SMT SMT mounting machines nowadays. Due to the slow installation speed of single head SMT, it cannot meet the needs of enterprises, and it also consumes a lot of electricity, gradually being phased out by the world. Single head SMT mounting machines are also rarely sold in the market. We can increase the number of mounting heads according to demand, which can improve production efficiency.

2. Fixed multi head SMT mounting machine

The fixed multi head SMT mounting machine is an upgraded version of the single head machine, which has three to eight mounting heads or a higher number of mounting heads to achieve fast mounting. Generally, we call it a multi head machine. However, this type of machine is not intelligent enough, has low cost and accuracy, and can be used by enterprises with low mounting accuracy requirements.

3. Rotating multi head SMT mounting machine

This type of mounting head is often used on many SMT mounting machines nowadays, because it is more intelligent, fully automated, and has greatly improved accuracy and speed. Many circuit board manufacturers now use this type of mounting head for fully automatic high-speed production, with an average of only about eight milliseconds to attach a component, which has been praised by many manufacturers.