Borey Advanced - Steps for Rapid Programming of SMT Mounter




At present, most of the products produced by SMT factories are large-scale, so during programming, PCB coordinate files can be directly used for rapid programming without the need for separate coordinate positioning of each component. After obtaining the coordinate file of the PCB, the X and axis parameters of the SMT processing file have been determined, and only the axis parameters of the SMT file need to be determined.

Only by becoming familiar with programming can products be launched faster. The specific steps are as follows:

(1) Export the Generales pick and place files file from the PCB drawing software and copy it to the industrial control computer of the chip machine.

(2) Click "Open Import File" in the "Guide" tab, select the file to be copied to the industrial computer, and click the "Open" button.

(3) After opening, simply keep Designer, MidX, MidY, and Solution, and change the four names to position, X coordinate, Y coordinate, and angle, respectively.


(4) There are two methods to specify MARKI and MARK2: manually specifying MARK and system specifying MARK.

① Manually specify MARK: In the PCB drawing software, remember the coordinates of two diagonally opposite points, fill in the two sets of recorded coordinates in the MARK coordinates and MARK2 coordinates below, click the "Generate" button, then move the MARK camera to find the MARK point, click the "Set MARKI Coordinates" button, move the MARK camera again to find the MARK2 point, click "Generate MARK2 Coordinates", and press.

② System specified MARK: After selection, the system will automatically select two MARK points from all coordinates, where

MARKI is green and MARK2 is blue. Click the "Generate" button, then move the MARK camera to find the point on the green bar, click "Set MARKI Coordinates", press again, move the MARK camera to find the point on the blue bar, and click the "Set MARK2 Coordinates" button.

(5) After setting up MARK2, it will automatically jump to the "Installation" tab interface, and then specify the component location and nozzle number. Right click the mouse and select the "Search Component Location" option, and enter the component location number according to the exported BOM table.

After clicking the "OK" button, right-click on the blue component that appears ->select "Associated Components" ->select the components corresponding to these mounting positions ->right-click again ->select "nozzle sorting" ->select the nozzle required for these components.

(6) After setting everything up, click the "Correct Verification" button → "Save" button.

(7) Run.