Borey Advanced - How to Adjust the Installation Accuracy of SMT Mounters


The SMT mounting machine will be installed and produced according to the operating steps set by our own program, in order to better use SMT. We need to accurately install the mounting machine. Installation and adjustment of SMT mounting machine. How to adjust?


1、 SMT mounting machine mounting calibration:

For SMT, it is necessary to calibrate the angles of the Z-axis and R-axis of the mounting machine. This way, regardless of the mounting method, mounting method, or mounting method, the PCB board needs to be calibrated to achieve accurate mounting method. The angle and position can also be accurately set and calibrated, which helps to improve the accuracy of the mounting position and reduce material loss.

2、 SMT mounting machine mounting adjustment:

You can treat JUKI according to your own needs. Due to the adjustment of the mounting machine, it has high production efficiency and accurate installation. There are many intelligent functions in the JUKI mounting machine program, such as automatic replacement of suction nozzles and automatic width adjustment. Working together can improve the production efficiency of the JUKI mounting machine and save time.

3、 SMT mounting machine mounting positioning:

In terms of positioning, it is necessary to use a SMT with a Mark camera for positioning. The SMT positioning system uses the automatic scanning function of the camera during the process of the SMT mounting machine to accurately locate the position of the direction to be mounted, and the accuracy of the mounting can also be adjusted.