Borey Advanced - Detailed explanation of the basic knowledge of SMT surface mount processing



SMT processing plants play an important role in the electronic processing industry and are indispensable for the precision and miniaturization of electronic products. Electronic components processed by SMT also have many advantages compared to traditional plug-in components.

Small knowledge in SMT surface mount processing

1. Common Mark shapes include: square, circle, cross, ten thousand, diamond, triangle;

2. In the preheating and cooling zones of SMT processing, due to incorrect Reflow Profile settings, micro cracks may occur in the parts;

3. During SMT processing, uneven heating at both ends of the part can easily cause misalignment, empty welding, and stone inscriptions;

4. Tools for repairing SMT components include: soldering iron, hot air workbench, tin suction gun, tweezers;

5. The QC testing of PCBA processing plants is divided into IQC, IPQC, FQC, and OQC;

6. The high-speed SMT machine can mount resistors, capacitors, ICs, and transistors;

7. Characteristics of static electricity: all are small currents and are greatly affected by humidity;

8. The cycle time between high-speed SMT machines and regular SMT machines should be as balanced as possible;

9. The definition of quality is to do it well the first time;

10. The SMT machine should first attach small components, and then attach large components;

11. BIOS is a basic input/output system, also known as Base Input/Output System in English;

12. SMT components can be divided into two types based on the presence or absence of pins: LEAD and LEADLESS;

13. There are three basic types of common active placement machines: continuous placement, continuous placement, and multi transfer placement machines;

14. In SMT processing, it can be produced without LOADER;

The process of SMT processing is as follows: feeder, solder paste printing machine, high SMT machine, reflow soldering, and plate receiving machine;

When opening temperature and humidity sensitive parts, the color displayed in the humidity card circle is blue, and the parts can only be used.