Introduction to the overall structure of Borey Advanced SMT SMT mounting machine


1、 Overall structure

SMT machine is an automated production equipment used for surface mounting electronic components. The overall structure includes a base, transmission system, suction nozzle, feeding system, visual recognition system, and control system.

2、 Transmission system

The transmission system is the core part of the SMT machine, mainly composed of servo motors, screws, guide rails, suction nozzles, etc. Its function is to remove electronic components from the feeding system and precisely position them, and precisely attach them to the PCB board.

3、 Suction nozzle

The nozzle is a key component of the SMT machine, responsible for removing electronic components from the feeding system, adhering them to the nozzle, and then positioning and mounting them. The type and quantity of suction nozzles depend on the model and application scenario of the SMT machine.

4、 Feed system

The feeding system is another important component of the SMT machine, which includes the storage of electronic components, feeders, and conveyor belts. The design of the feeding system requires high speed, stability, and accuracy to ensure the production efficiency and installation quality of the SMT machine.


5、 Visual recognition system

The visual recognition system is the intelligent part of the SMT machine. Through cameras and image processing technology, it can accurately recognize the position and posture information of electronic components, and match them with the position on the PCB board, thereby ensuring the accuracy and quality of the installation.

6、 Control system

The control system is a crucial part of the SMT machine, which includes equipment controllers, PLCs, touch screens, and other components. The control system is responsible for completing the automated production process of the SMT machine, including the control of various links such as obtaining electronic component position information by the visual recognition system and positioning it on the PCB board by the transmission system.

7、 Application and classification

SMT machines are widely used in the electronic manufacturing industry, especially in the fields of integrated circuits, electronics, aerospace, and more. According to production scale and mounting accuracy, SMT mounting machines are divided into different types such as SMT mounting machines and AOI mounting machines.