What preparations need to be made before processing the SMT SMT SMT machine by Borey Advanced?




Firstly, PCB testing content:

1. Whether the PCB optical board is deformed and whether the surface is smooth;

2. Whether there is oxidation on the data on the circuit board solder pads;

3. Whether the copper plating layer on the circuit board is exposed;

4. Has the printed circuit board been baked for a specified time.

The contents that need to be checked before solder paste printing are as follows:

1. The boards should not be stacked vertically and should not collide with each other;

2. Whether the positioning hole is consistent with the template opening;

3. Can the solder paste be thawed in advance at room temperature;

4. Whether the solder paste is correctly selected and expired;

5. Is there calibration data for the SPI solder paste detector;

6. Whether the steel mesh and mold design have been cleaned, and whether there is any residual flux on the surface work;

7. Whether to conduct a warping test on the steel wire mesh material;

8. Have the parameters of the scraper been calibrated and adjusted.