Methods for Preventing Short Circuits in Borey Advanced # SMT SMT Chip Processing


Short circuit is a common machining defect in the manual welding process of SMT surface mount machining. In order to achieve the same effect between manual and machine mounting, it is necessary to solve the problem of short circuits. If there is a short circuit on the PCBA circuit board, it should never be used. There are also many methods to solve the problem of short circuits in SMT chip processing. Next, we will introduce the methods to prevent short circuits in SMT chip placement processing.

1. Good habits should be developed in manual welding operations. Use a multimeter to check for short circuits in key circuits. Every time a manual SMT chip is placed on an IC, use a multimeter to measure for short circuits in the power and ground.

2. Light up the short circuit network on the PCB diagram, search for the most susceptible area for short circuits on the circuit board, and pay attention to internal short circuits in the IC.

3. If there is a batch of the same short circuit in SMT chip placement processing, a board can be used for cutting operation, and then each part can be powered on separately to troubleshoot the short circuit.

4. Use a short-circuit positioning analyzer for inspection.

5. If there is a BGA chip, since all solder joints are covered by the chip and cannot be seen, and it is also a multi-layer board (more than 4 layers), it is best to separate the power supply of each chip during design and connect it with magnetic beads or 0 ohm resistors. This way, when there is a short circuit between the power supply and ground, the magnetic beads can be disconnected for detection, making it easy to locate a certain chip.

6. Be careful when welding small SMT surface mount capacitors, especially when there are many power filter capacitors (103 or 104), which can easily cause a short circuit between the power supply and ground.