What are the indicators of Borey Advanced # SMT SMT SMT machine during testing?



Before the new SMT machine goes online, it needs to be inspected and tested. Do you know what needs to be tested? What indicators need to be met? Next, let's follow Borui to learn more:

1. The types, specifications, mounting direction, substrate size, and mounting range of the components that can be mounted comply with the standards in the instruction manual!

2. SMT speed: The CPH mounting rate tested with 1608 pieces of top quality components shall not be less than 60% of the nominal IPC9850 speed, or the SPC speed shall not exceed 2 times the nominal speed;

3. Flyer rate: not more than 0.3%

operating system

1. The appearance of various indicator lights, buttons, and operating handles is complete, and the operation and display are normal;

2. The computer system is working properly; 3. The input and output system is working properly.

Mechanical part

1. All conveyor belts, chains, and connecting pins are intact and free from aging or damage;

2. The operation of each transmission guide rail and screw is smooth and coordinated, without any abnormal noise or oil leakage.

control section

1. The drive cylinder, solenoid valve, piping, and connecting heads should be free from foreign objects, looseness, and air leakage. The driving cylinder and solenoid valve are working normally without any noise;

2. The drying and filtering device for compressed air is complete and intact;

3. The vacuum degree of the flying film mounting machine head shall not be less than 500mmHg. The mounting accuracy refers to the maximum deviation between the center of the component and the centerline of the corresponding solder pad, which does not exceed 1/4 of the width of the component solder legs (visual inspection); The occurrence rate of abnormal deviation shall not exceed 0.3%.

The appearance of the instruments and meters is intact, the indications are accurate, the readings are eye-catching, and they are within the qualified service life; The equipment should be regularly maintained both inside and outside, kept clean, free of oil stains and rust. The surrounding accessories and spare parts should be arranged in an orderly manner, and the equipment should be well lubricated.