Borey Advanced - SMT SMT SMT Machine Wears Gold and Silver Printed Circuit Board



PCB circuit board sampling or manufacturing requires a lot of information, and the differences in each item will have a huge impact on the final price. Size, board thickness, surface treatment, resistance impedance, solder mask coverage, solder mask color, gold finger, copper foil thickness, and so on. Therefore, for the entire PCB process, the surface process treatment accounts for the largest proportion of the entire cost under the same conditions, such as sinking gold and plating gold (which can all be real gold and silver). Therefore, circuit board recycling is also the same as recycling gold and silver.

So the question is, why use sinking gold and gilding? In fact, this is related to the current new technology. Nowadays, BGA/IC has a very high integration level, and there are more and more pins in BGA/IC.

However, the current vertical tin spraying process is difficult to blow small solder pads flat. If a major problem occurs in the early stages, it will be even more difficult to solve in subsequent production. Especially the difficulty of SMT installation will increase exponentially; Another key point is that the lifespan of the tin spray board is very short. And the entire manufacturing time will also increase exponentially.

Therefore, the emergence of using metal coatings to solve the problem arises from the application of sinking gold and gold-plated plates:

1. For SMT surface mount technology, especially for small surface mount processes like 0402/0201, the flatness of the solder pads directly affects the quality of the solder paste printing process. There is also the quality of reflow welding, and if there is a problem with the quality of SMT and DIP plug-in welding, the subsequent products will definitely be batch defects.

2. The usage cycle of sunk gold and gold-plated boards is relatively long. A PCB is not necessarily produced immediately, but often needs to wait for several weeks or even months before use. The procurement of components during this period takes time, and the storage of PCBs also requires strict conditions to support. So when it comes to the overall cost, the price difference between sunken gold, gold-plated plate, and tin plate is not much, but the quality is more stable. Why not do it!