Borey Advanced - Selecting the Suitable SMT SMT Chip Placement Machine for Processing and Packaging




There is no difference in functionality between SMT chip processing and plug-in components, but the difference lies in the packaging of the components. Surface mounted packaging must withstand high temperatures during welding, and its components and substrate must have a matching thermal expansion coefficient. These factors must be comprehensively considered in product design.

The selection and design of SMT chip placement processing is a key part of overall product design. Designers determine the electrical performance and function of components during the system structure and detailed circuit design stage. In the SMT design stage, the packaging form and structure of surface assembled components should be determined based on the specific situation of equipment and technology and overall design requirements.

Surface mounted solder joints are both mechanical and electrical connection points, and a reasonable selection has a decisive impact on improving PCB design density, producibility, testability, and reliability.

The main advantages of selecting suitable SMT chip processing and packaging are:

1: Protects the interior of components from moisture and other environmental influences;

2: Provide better electrical performance;

3: Provide good communication connections;

4: Effectively saving PCB area;

5: Assist in heat dissipation and provide convenience for transmission and testing.