What are the commonly used equipment in Borey Advanced SMT SMT mounting machine factory?



There are many types of production and processing equipment in SMT chip factories, and each SMT processing factory has different equipment configurations. However, most of the equipment needs to be configured, such as solder paste printing machines, chip mounting machines, reflow soldering furnaces, AOI detectors, etc.

1. Solder paste printing machine

The workflow of a solder paste printing machine usually consists of loading, adding solder paste, scraping solder paste, and feeding the board. The main working principle of a solder paste printing machine is to fix the PCB board that needs to be printed with solder paste on the printing positioning table, and then use the scraper of the printing machine to leak the solder paste or red glue onto the corresponding solder pad hole through the steel mesh. Then, the printed PCB of the solder paste is sent to the mounting machine for mounting through a conveyor belt.

2. SMT machine

The most core equipment in SMT chip factories may be the SMT mounting machine, which can directly affect the accuracy of SMT chip processing. Precision components have high requirements for SMT mounting machines, which also represents the ultimate processing accuracy capability of an SMT processing factory. The SMT machine is usually installed behind the solder paste printing machine on the production line, and is usually divided into high-speed and ordinary speed printing machines based on installation accuracy and speed.

3. Reflow soldering furnace

Reflow soldering furnace is the main welding tool for SMT chip processing. There is a heating circuit inside the reflow soldering, which heats air and nitrogen to a sufficiently high temperature and blows it towards the PCB board that has already been attached to the parts, causing the solder on both sides of the parts to melt and bond with the motherboard.

4. AOI detector

AOI, also known as automatic optical inspection instrument, is mainly used to detect common defects in welding production. During automatic detection, the machine automatically scans the PCB through a camera, collects images, compares the tested solder joints with qualified parameters in the database, detects PCB defects through image processing, displays defects through a display or automatic display, and is repaired by maintenance personnel.

5. Parts cutting machine

Used for cutting and deforming pin components.

6. Wave soldering furnace

The wave soldering furnace of SMT SMT chip factory is used to directly contact the welding surface of the plug-in board with high-temperature liquid welding to achieve the welding purpose. Its high-temperature liquid welding maintains an inclined surface, and due to special devices, the liquid welding forms a phenomenon similar to waves, so it is called wave soldering.