Borey Advanced - SMT Mounter Flying Shooting Technology






Flying photography technology: During the process of object movement, the camera takes photos, and the object does not need to stay, visually calculating the position of the object. Machine vision flying photography technology can improve production efficiency.

System advantages: fast, fast continuous photography, high speed, high efficiency: accurate, high-precision, and precise positioning

The robotic arm picks up the material through the camera position, and the robotic arm does not stop. During the movement process, the offset is calculated based on the changes in product position, and the offset is sent to the PLC for movement correction. After the robotic arm reaches the product position, it achieves adhesion

The material collection and discharge process of the entire project is divided into:

1. Material retrieval: The robotic arm sucks the die-cutting material from the feeder, and then runs it to the position of the material basin machine to take photos for material retrieval;

2. Deviation correction: The robotic arm reaches above the inverted camera for flying photography;

3. Material placement: Apply the die-cut material to the semi-finished product;

4. Detection: Use the upper camera to reposition the bonding condition of the die-cutting material.