Borey Advanced - How to Choose SMT Mounter







SMT machines can be classified into speed and accuracy according to their needs, and the speed and accuracy of different types of SMT machines are also different. The theoretical installation speed of a four head SMT machine classified by speed is 5000-7000 pieces/hour. The four head SMT machine is a small SMT machine with a relatively simple structure and a small footprint. When designing a four head SMT machine, it is considered that enterprises can manufacture with less footprint. The four head SMT machine is very convenient for mobile installation, so it is widely used in enterprise production.

The theoretical mounting speed of the six head SMT machine is 8000-12000 pieces/hour. The six head SMT machine is mainly used for mounting small chips and various integrated components. The design of the six head SMT machine mainly considers mounting speed and stability. With the development of technology, the six head SMT machine has also achieved advantages such as multifunctional, fully automatic, fast speed, and small size, with high cost-effectiveness.

The theoretical installation speed of the eight head SMT machine is 10000-20000 pieces/hour. The eight head SMT machine has been optimized and developed into a multi-functional SMT machine with faster speed and higher installation efficiency based on the six head SMT machine. Nowadays, many enterprises also pay attention to installation speed, so the eight head SMT machine also has a relative advantage in the industry, but the machine is relatively larger. We can choose according to different installation speeds of the SMT machine. According to accuracy classification, the accuracy of SMT machines is divided into two types: one is positioning accuracy (absolute accuracy) and the other is repetitive accuracy. The accuracy of SMT machines refers to the rotation accuracy of the XYZ axis, which can be represented by absolute accuracy, repetitive accuracy, and resolution.

1. Positioning accuracy (absolute accuracy)

Absolute accuracy refers to the deviation value between the desired installation position and the actual installation position, which is the positioning accuracy.

2. Repetitive accuracy

When we perform multiple placement of the SMT machine, the deviation value that occurs during each placement is the repeatability accuracy. For example, the repeatability accuracy for the first (0,0), second (0,1), and third (0,2) is 0,1.

3. Resolution

Resolution refers to the angle of each rotation of the R-axis, which is the resolution of the R-axis. The more accurate the above accuracy, the better the installation efficiency