Analysis of Borey Advanced SMT Mounter 0201




The installation of 0201 SMD components is more challenging than the installation of other SMD components. The main reason is that the 0201 packaging is approximately one-third of the corresponding 0402 size, and the previously acceptable machine mounting accuracy would have many limitations if it were to immediately introduce 0201 mounting components. Below, let's share the key technical points for mounting 0201 SMT components.

1. SMD component feeder workbench: the ability to accurately position the carriage workbench;

2. Chip element feeder: The feeder must be manufactured to a minimum tolerance to ensure repeatability of the suction position. In addition, the materials used for manufacturing feeders must have high strength/light weight;

3. Chip feeder drive sprocket: The drive sprocket plays a crucial role in the ability of the machine to position the component belt. The shape/taper and length of the drive sprocket teeth significantly affect the ability of the feeder to position the material belt;

4. SMD component suction head: Material selection/material hardness/machining tolerance and thermal characteristics must be understood to construct a reliable suction head. The suction nozzle must move freely within its holder;

5. Assembly of suction nozzle shaft: In order to absorb 0.6x0.3 mm components, the suction nozzle must have an outer diameter of no more than 0.40mm. This forms a long and thin suction nozzle shaft, which is fragile in bending but must also maintain accuracy to maintain high reliability of suction