Borey Advanced - What are the adverse phenomena in SMT patch welding



1. Component quality issue: The initial stage of SMT chip soldering depends on the quality of the components. If the pins of the components are oxidized, contaminated, or deformed, it may lead to poor soldering.

2. Selection and printing of solder paste: As an important medium for connecting components and PCBs, solder paste's quality, printing quantity, printing accuracy, and other factors directly affect the welding effect.


3. PCB design and quality: The rationality of PCB board design, including solder pad design, solder mask window size, copper foil thickness, and other factors, will affect the welding quality.

4. Process parameter setting: Whether the setting of the reflow soldering temperature curve is reasonable is crucial. Too high or too low temperature, too long or too short a time can all lead to insufficient soldering or rapid cooling of the solder

5. Equipment accuracy and stability: The accuracy, speed, and temperature control accuracy of the SMT mounting machine and reflow soldering furnace are important factors that affect welding quality.