Borey Advanced - Common Faults of SMT Mounter



1. Offset of mounting position: This may be caused by inaccurate PCB positioning, calibration issues with mounting heads, or visual system errors. This can be solved by recalibrating the mounting head, adjusting the PCB positioning device, or optimizing the visual system parameters.



2. Missing or damaged components: This may be caused by a malfunction of the feeder, damage to the suction nozzle, or quality issues with the components. You can check the feeder, replace the suction nozzle, or check the quality of the components to solve the problem.



3. Poor welding: Poor welding may be caused by improper control of solder paste quality, heating temperature, or time. It is possible to optimize the solder paste formula, adjust heating temperature and time parameters to improve welding quality.



4. Machine malfunction: As a complex high-tech equipment, the SMT machine may experience various mechanical or circuit failures. At this point, it is necessary to follow the equipment operation manual or contact professional maintenance personnel for inspection and maintenance.