What are the classifications of Borey Advanced SMT SMT mounting machines



1. Sorting SMT machines by speed
Medium speed SMT machine, high-speed SMT machine, ultra high speed SMT machine

2. Classification of SMT machines by function
High speed/ultra high speed SMT machine (mainly for pasting some regular components) Multifunctional SMT machine (mainly for pasting some irregular components)

3. Classify SMT machines by mounting method
Sequential SMT machine, simultaneous SMT machine, and simultaneous online SMT machine.





4. Classify SMT machines according to their working principles
Arm mounted SMT machine, composite SMT machine, turret mounted SMT machine, large parallel system SMT machine

(1) The arm mounted SMT machine has good flexibility and accuracy, and is suitable for most components. High precision machines are generally of this type, but their speed cannot be compared with composite, turntable, and large parallel systems. It can also be divided into single arm and multi arm types.

(2) Composite machines are developed from boom type machines, which combine the characteristics of rotary and boom type machines. A rotary table is installed on the boom, such as Siemens' latest HS50 machine, which is equipped with four such rotating heads, and the mounting speed can reach 50000 pieces per hour;

(3) The turret mounting machine, due to the simultaneous picking of components and mounting actions, significantly improves the mounting speed. For example, Panasonic's MSH3 machine can achieve a mounting speed of 0.075 seconds per piece;

(4) A large parallel system consists of a series of small independent assembly machines. Each has a mechanical arm with a screw positioning system, which comes with a camera and a mounting head. The FCM machine from PHILIPS has 16 mounting heads, achieving a mounting speed of 0.0375 seconds per piece. However, for each mounting head, the mounting speed is around 0.6 seconds per piece.