Borey Advanced - How to Reduce the Operating Noise of SMT Mounters


The SMT SMT mounting machine generates noise during operation, which may affect the comfort of the working environment and may have adverse effects on the health of employees

Therefore, reducing the noise of SMT mounting machines is an important issue that must be taken seriously





How to reduce the operating noise of SMT mounting machines:

1. To reduce the noise of the SMT mounting machine: It is necessary to check the results and components of the mounting machine to ensure their good quality. If there are any structures or components with poor quality

It may cause noise during the operation of the SMT mounting machine. Therefore, before using the SMT mounting machine, the components and structure of the mounting machine should be inspected to ensure their good quality.

2. Lubricating oil to ensure good quality of lubricating oil for SMT mounting machine.

3. Power supply, fan, and casing to ensure their good quality