The Causes of Malfunctions Caused by Borey Advanced SMT SMT Mounter



1. Poor quality of components. Due to quality issues with components, such as inaccurate dimensions, shapes, or pin positions, problems arise in the feeding, positioning, and pasting processes.

2. Improper maintenance and upkeep. The SMT SMT mounting machine needs regular cleaning and maintenance. If not cleaned or replaced in a timely manner, it may cause problems such as sticking and wear of the adhesive head, or lead to electrical failures of the machine.

3. Improper operation. If the operators are not proficient or operate improperly, such as selecting the wrong components, welding temperature is not appropriate, pasting speed is too fast, etc., it may also lead to the occurrence of fault problems.



4. Optical positioning system issues. The optical positioning system of SMT mounting machine is a crucial component. If there are problems with the positioning system or inaccurate calibration, it can lead to inaccurate placement of components.


5. External interference. SMT mounting machines have high environmental requirements, such as temperature, humidity, electrical interference, etc. If the environment is unstable or there is significant external interference, it will affect the normal operation of the machine.