Borey Advanced - SMT SMT placement machine production has encountered abnormalities



 SMT SMT SMT SMT machine production and operation alarm information and processing
 1. Insufficient vacuum degree: If the suction nozzle is blocked or the vacuum tube is blocked, notify the technical personnel to replace the suction nozzle or clean the suction nozzle and vacuum tube;
2. Insufficient air pressure: Check if the machine's air supply connector is leaking, and notify technical personnel or engineers to handle it;
3. Placement head X and Y displacement overflow: Manual displacement overflow can be operated normally after startup. If the operation process occurs, the engineer should be notified for inspection



4. PCB transmission error: ① The incoming and outgoing transmission is not smooth, and the PCB board size is abnormal. IPQC should report and inspect the size of defective products, and provide feedback to technical personnel for improvement; ② Provide feedback to technical personnel for improvement on SMT mounting machine trajectory issues;

5. Processing of unassembled products: ① Subsidies caused by operational errors should be notified to technical personnel for re loading; ② Notify technical personnel to handle abnormal shutdown;

6. Installation of flight components or missing stickers: ① Poor suction nozzle, stop the machine to check the corresponding suction nozzle of the component; ② Insufficient vacuum degree, technical personnel should be notified for vacuum degree inspection; ③ The PCB is not fixed properly, check the fixing status of the PCB;

7. SMT mounting offset: ① Fixed position offset rule, coordinates to be modified by technical personnel; ② Poor PCB fixation (uneven surface, sinking during installation, displacement), check and readjust the positioning device; ③ Due to the poor viscosity of solder paste, technical personnel or engineers need to analyze and handle it.