Borey Advanced - Several points to pay attention to when purchasing SMT SMT mounting machines


1. The speed of the SMT machine
The mounting speed is also one of the important standards for measuring the mounting machine. During the trial installation process, the number of installation points within 10 minutes can be tested multiple times, and the average can be taken to easily test the actual installation speed of the device.

2. The accuracy of the SMT machine
Accuracy is crucial for SMT devices. How to determine the accuracy of a device? For the installation of 0201, inspection can be carried out when purchasing equipment. Only devices that can be replicated in batches and accurately pasted with 0201 are truly the equipment needed. Buyers can repeatedly test and paste 0201 components 10 times or more to observe their accuracy and test the performance of the equipment.

3. Stability of SMT machines
Only with strong stability can a device fully leverage its advantages in accuracy and speed. In fact, stable performance represents production efficiency. When choosing a brand of SMT machine, it is advisable to visit the manufacturer on site and refer to the usage of other purchased manufacturers.